A proven real estate leader

A Proven Real Estate Leader

After 45 years of developing properties, VISTA has become one of Montreal's largest property holders. We now manage more than 8 million square feet of commercial and industrial space. We continue to succeed by using a simple 3-step approach:

  • We work to understand the needs of our clients and partners
  • We provide tailored solutions to meet those needs
  • We enhance the value of their investments

Your Turn Key Development Partner

VISTA ensures the success of development projects by being there for clients and partners at every stage of the project. Our full range of integrated services includes:

  • Financing
  • Strategic acquisition
  • Development
  • Architecture
  • Management
  • Consulting
  • Construction

The Expertise to Create Long-Term Value

VISTA has developed an expertise in commercial and industrial property development. We put our know-how to work for our clients by offering consulting services on:

  • Zoning
  • Environmental impact
  • Urban planning
  • Engineering
  • Regulatory affairs at the municipal, provincial and federal levels
  • Administration
  • Legal affairs
  • Taxes

Building Business Through Partnership

At VISTA, we always strive to surpass our clients' expectations for their investments. We do this by providing creative solutions and fostering profitable partnerships. We also help create alliances between Canadians and international promoters, investors and lenders.

Creating A Service Benchmark

With experienced professionals working for you, VISTA will meet your needs today and in the years to come. And we always maintain the highest standards of transparency, integrity and quality.